Thermal manipulation induces milkfish spawning during off-season in the Philippines

Frozen Milkfish
Published Sep 10, 2021

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“Water temperature manipulation in tanks of milkfish breeders allows the fish to spawn during the cold and off-season. Water temperature control using the installed water heaters gave way to the increase in the water temperature making the breeders spawn,” Dr. Roger Edgar Mamauag, scientist and head of Technology Verification and Extension Division at SEAFDEC/AQD, told Hatchery International. “Along with the expansion of hatcheries and improvement of milkfish breeders, this technology will further increase the production of milkfish in the Philippines and reduce the dependence of milkfish fry imports.” The national milkfish industry requires at least 2.5 billion fry annually, according to the Philippine Milkfish Industry Group. Per DA-BFAR, only 1.1 billion is locally produced. Indonesia and Taiwan are major sources of imports. The experiment used two 500-ton broodstock tanks. The treatment tank, (an average temperature of 29.9 C), had 76 broodstock and control, 119. From November ...
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