Thailand: This year, the rice crop yielded 25.76 million tons of paddy, prices and export trends are still bright

Updated Sep 23, 2023
Mrs. Thanthita Bunyamaneekul, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Economics Office), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Revealing the situation of rice production in the year 2023 (planting year 2023/24), including the country (information as of July 11, 2023), it was found that there was a cultivation area of 62.375 million rai, a decrease from last year of 0.602 million rai or 0.96 percent of the area. Harvested 59.598 million rai, decreased from last year by 0.316 million rai or 0.53 percent. Production was 25.761 million tons of paddy rice, decreased from last year by 0.871 million tons of paddy or 3.27 percent.
As for the area under cultivation, it decreased from last year. Due to climate change, the rain has been delayed. And it is expected that the amount of rain will be less than in 2022. According to weather forecasts from the Meteorological Department, the total amount of rain during this year's rainy season will be less than last year. And from mid-June to mid-July 2023, there will be a period of rain. causing water shortages in agriculture Especially in areas with recurring droughts outside irrigation areas. As a result, farmers in some areas leave their fields vacant. and some areas can only grow rice in one year. The yield per rai decreased. Due to the low amount of rain from the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon During June to July 2023, there will be no rain. There is a drought. Affects the germination of seedlings. and the formation of ears of rice plants. In addition, there is a risk of disease and pest outbreaks such as ear-neck blight, thrips, etc. resulting in the ...
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