Three new entries in the register of protected geographical indications by the European Commission

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Published Feb 13, 2024

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The European Commission has approved the addition of 'Bœuf traditionnel de race Normande', 'Safranbolu Safranı', and 'Limburgse vlaai' to the register of traditional specialties guaranteed (GTS), Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) respectively. These designations, which protect traditional production methods and recipes, will join the list of 1,683 agricultural products already protected in the EU. The 'Limburgse vlaai', a popular tart from the Dutch province of Limburg, has gained recognition beyond its region, largely due to tourism.
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Inclusion in the register of traditional specialties guaranteed (TSG) "Bœuf traditionnel de race Normande" The European Commission has approved the inclusion in the register of traditional specialties guaranteed (GTS) of "Bœuf traditionnel de race Normande", meat from castrated male Normande cattle. GTS are product designations registered and protected throughout the EU to preserve traditional production methods and recipes. The designation "Bœuf traditionnel de race Normande" distinguishes Normande meat from other meats sold under the general name beef. The breeding method is based on the itinéraire technique, which has remained unchanged since World War II. The animals' diet is based on grazing or preserved grass. Breeding is based on a breed-specific diet that allows the animals to grow slowly, alternating grazing for at least 7 months and another part in a barn. The Normande breed is a mixed breed, capable of producing both milk and meat. It is known for its milk quality, ...
Source: Foodfakty
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