Colombia: Transitory crops, alternative for farmers affected by bud rot

Palm Kernel & Nut
Published Apr 23, 2022

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Taking advantage of the ‘Soya – Maíz: Proyecto País’ program could generate income for palm growers in Magdalena affected by bud rot while they access the renewal plan and new plantings with OxG hybrid cultivars. One of the phytosanitary problems that affects the palm growers of Magdalena is Bud Rot (PC), a disease that has devastated around 20,000 hectares of oil palm in that department, leaving in its wake losses close to US$446 million. at the end of 2021, according to figures from Cenipalma. That is why, within the framework of the program 'Soya – Maíz: Proyecto País', the National Federation of Oil Palm Growers, Fedepalma, summoned oil palm producers affected by PC in Magdalena to participate in this first Business Day with the purpose of promoting transitory crops in this area of the country and generating income while they access the renovation plan and new plantings with OxG hybrid cultivars. Hernán Mauricio Romero Angulo, from Cenipalma, explained that the Bud Rot (PC) of ...
Source: MXContexto
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