Germany: Turkish peaches almost displaced Spanish fruit from the top spot

Updated Sep 16, 2023
The availability of peaches and nectarines had decreased. In the case of peaches, Turkish products had almost displaced Spanish ones from the top spot. Imports from Italy and France completed the picture. In the nectarine segment, there were more Spanish parties than Italian ones. Fruit from France completed the offering. Greek fruit appeared in Berlin. Turkish delight completed the offering. In Munich, the fruit from the mountain region between Antalya and Side, which was very tasty, was still convincing in terms of quality.
The summer weather had again improved sales opportunities, but a certain saturation of the market could not be denied. Some traders ended the season without further ado and tried to get rid of their surpluses with heavy discounts. Moreover, in some cases the quality was no longer entirely convincing, forcing sellers to lower their prices. However, rising prices were also observed, caused by reduced supply. In Frankfurt, German fruit was still available: customers paid €16 per pack of 3.75 kg of white-fleshed peaches and per pack of 3.6 kg of yellow-fleshed peaches. Red vineyard peaches were also traded there for €16 per 3.5 kg box. Paraguayos cost €3.20 per kg in Frankfurt. ApplesAs the European apple harvest progressed, early apples became less and less important. The presence of Jonagold and Elstar, on the other hand, increased. Santana, popular among allergy sufferers, also gained importance. The first Holstein Cox arrived and joined the already established Delbarestivale and ...
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