Uruguay: Controversy over value and available offer of chicken supremes

Updated Sep 28, 2023
In the last few hours there was a crossover in public opinion between the Uruguayan Chamber of Poultry Processors (CUPRA) and the Association of Meat Distributors and Importers of Uruguay (ADICU), as well as the Union of Meat Sellers (UVC).As a result Based on the information of shortages and excessive increase in the price of the supreme, CUPRA issued a statement, to which ADICU and UVC responded. “Everyone involved in this sector knows that the price of chicken is associated with the natural oscillations of national production that increases and decreases in usual cycles of 3 or 4 months,” explained Federico Stanham, executive director of CUPRA, who added that for “ Just look at the sales prices with giblets to butcher shops with taxes that INAC produces: in September 2022 the price was $107 and in August 2023 it was $113, however in December 2022 it was $111 and in March of 2023 was $99.” Stanham mentioned that the UVC and ADICU take “the time of year when there is a greater ...
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