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Uzbekistan exporters in 2017-2022 supplied fruits and nuts to 18 new markets

Updated Feb 28, 2023
Experts from the Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research (IPMI) of the Republic of Uzbekistan analyzed the dynamics of exports of fruits and nuts from the country for 2017-2022. During this period, foreign deliveries increased, and the geography of exports expanded significantly - by 18 countries. The analysis revealed that the value of exports of fruits and nuts (TN VED 08) increased from $417.2 million in 2017 to $618.6 million in 2022, or 1.5 times.
According to, exports increased most noticeably in the following items: watermelon, the external supplies of which increased by 152.2 times, cherries - by 58.3 times, garden strawberries (strawberries) - by 52.7 times, figs - by 41 times. .4 times and dried apple - 15.1 times. See also: Uzbekistan: in the season 2022/2023, the volume of exports of fresh persimmons increased by 9% In 2022, in the structure of exports of fruits and nuts, the largest share fell on fresh grapes - 31.7%, dried grapes (raisins) (13.6%) and peach (11.0%). Next come persimmon with a share of 8.4%, sweet cherry - 5.4%, prunes - 5.0%, melon - 3.1%, watermelon - 2.9%, walnut - 1.8%. In 2017-2022, the geography of exports of fruits and nuts from Uzbekistan was replenished by 18 more countries, incl. ...
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