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Uzbekistan became the fastest growing market for fruits and vegetables from Iran in 2021

Updated Jan 13, 2022
According to EastFruit analysts, Iran in 2021 reduced the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables by 6% due to a sharp decline in sales to countries such as Iraq, Russia, China and Afghanistan. At the same time, a number of countries have sharply increased imports of Iranian fruits and vegetables. Among the sales markets that increased fruit and vegetable imports from Iran faster than others, Uzbekistan stands apart.
At the end of 2021, this country spent exactly 5 times more money on importing vegetables and fruits from Iran than in 2020. Iran's revenue from the supply of fruits and vegetables to Uzbekistan in 2021 reached $46.2 million, making this country the 15th largest market for Iran. See also: Imports of watermelons to Russia in 2021 broke all records thanks to supplies from Iran Obviously, the main product of the fruit and vegetable category, which was exported from Iran to Uzbekistan, was marketable potatoes. The volume of exports of Iranian potatoes to Uzbekistan in 2021 reached 146 thousand tons, an increase of 36 times. In second place were Iranian dates, of which Uzbekistan imported 7.4 thousand tons - exactly three times more than in 2020. In third place in terms of exports was a fresh apple. Uzbekistan in 2021 increased the import of Iranian apple by 9 times to 6.4 thousand tons! But the next most imported Iranian fruit in terms of volume was kiwi. Uzbekistan bought 3.9 ...
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