Netherlands: The documents for the Arable Farming Food and Feed Safety for the 2024/2025 season are available

Published May 15, 2024

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The article outlines new regulations for agricultural cultivation and storage, effective within two months of publication, with provisions for annual reviews to adjust the schedule. The regulations introduce a flexible approach for growers without a fixed construction plan, enabling them to temporarily halt crop modules and make changes as necessary. Additionally, growers can switch to a different certification body while maintaining the validity of their existing certificate. The Cosun Beet Company is introducing the crop module for sugar beets in chicory, allowing growers who have already certified sugar beets under the VVAK certificate to cover chicory certification as well. The Grower Manual for the 2024/2025 season is now available on the BO Akkerbouw website.
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The new requirements will take effect no later than two months after the publication date of the documents. The affiliated parties assess annually whether adjustments to the schedule are necessary. This is done on the basis of signals from arable farmers, chain parties and certifying institutions. This has led to the schedule for the new cultivation and storage season. To accommodate growers without a fixed construction plan, the option has been included to temporarily suspend crop modules. The grower must report this to the certifying institution, preferably before June 1 of the relevant growing year. Growers can also use the relevant request form to add new crop modules or permanently terminate them. It is now also possible to switch to another certification body while retaining the remaining validity of the VVAK certificate. Cosun Beet ...
Source: Agri Holland
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