What attracts Ukrainian farmers to coriander?

Flax Seed
Published Jul 7, 2023

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This year, Ukrainian farmers are focusing on growing niche crops like flax, mustard, and coriander. Coriander is particularly attractive as an export crop due to increasing demand from European markets. Despite potential challenges with logistics and storage, farmers are optimistic about the potential for coriander to diversify their export potential and reduce reliance on main crops like sunflower and soybeans.
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This year, many farmers are betting on the yield of niche crops. In particular, the South goes to flax, mustard and coriander. West - in mustard, buckwheat and peas. Center and Northeast - in mustard, flax, buckwheat, coriander. What attracts Ukrainian farmers to coriander, Latifundist told The main exporters of coriander in the world market are Bulgaria, Italy, Ukraine. But the importers are India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka. In recent years, demand from European markets has also increased, but these markets are interested in a higher degree of purification - purity is more than 99%, beaten no more than 2%. This year Ukrainian coriander costs $1.2 thousand per ton in the EU markets, $795 in India. There were years when the price reached $2,000 per ton, sellers say. Export of cariander seeds from Ukraine before the conflict could be up to 20 thousand tons, on average 7-10 thousand tons. “It is unlikely that the issue of export and logistics will be resolved in the near future. ...
Source: Oilworld
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