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Published Aug 20, 2021

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The producer price of cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and green beans on the Budapest Wholesale Market is around 1000 HUF / kg. According to the data of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, in the first week of August, the most expensive type of tomato on the Budapest Wholesale Market is 15mm + cocktail tomatoes. The gross producer price is 1000 HUF / kg, while the gross price of imported cherry tomatoes from Italy is 964 HUF / kg. The cheapest type of tomato is the 40-47 mm round tomato, which is only 300 HUF / kg.

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Compared to the previous week, producer prices of all types of tomatoes fell, but the smallest price decrease was produced by 47mm + clustered tomatoes. Nevertheless, with a price of 357 HUF / kg, it is already 16 percent cheaper than last year. Producer prices for cherry tomatoes - both 15mm + and 15mm - have fallen from last week, but are still 8-11 per cent more expensive than a year ago in the same period. In the first week of August, the gross producer price of bell peppers is 1000 HUF / kg. The same as last week and 11 percent more expensive than a year ago. We would expect the price of pepper varieties to fall according to the season, but there is no significant decrease, and even the price of letcho peppers has risen by 15 percent compared to last week. The producers, on the other hand, are not very happy, because last year the gross producer price of letcho peppers was 280 HUF / kg, but now it is only 220 HUF / kg and this is a 21 percent decrease. Of course, this price ...
Source: Agroinform
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