Global: Low potato harvest and high prices are expected in Western Europe, and historically high prices in North America

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Published Aug 31, 2023

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The potato industry in various countries is facing challenges. In the Netherlands, weather conditions and low yields are impacting the potato harvest. Belgium is uncertain about its potato season due to spring problems and difficult harvesting conditions. The French market is tight with demand exceeding supply, leading to the importation of Spanish potatoes. In the UK, prices increased due to potato shortages, but inflation has affected grower profits. Spain is experiencing a lack of product and rising prices. South Africa has lower volumes and higher prices compared to last year. China is seeing increased potato production, but cold weather has slightly reduced overall production. In North America, new potato crops have begun in some regions.
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,,,the consequences of the increase in the price of nitrogen fertilizers last year, and the low profitability of potato growing in previous years, according to an extensive market overview published by FreshPlaza. In the Netherlands, weather conditions are again playing a role in this year's potato harvest. After a long dry period, last week's rain could, under otherwise optimal growing conditions, still provide some more volume. Still, the first trial harvests are not hopeful: as it stands, yields are below the 2018 harvest, which at the time was lower than the multi-year average. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming Belgian potato season. The problems in spring and the difficult conditions now that harvesting has slowly started are affecting yields. “It is now a question of whether nature can recover itself or whether we will continue the season in this trend. Under normal conditions, everything is uprooted by the end of October. However, we have only just ...
Source: Argenpapa
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