Yulian Stefanov, financial director of one of the major oil production companies, told Trud news: Farmers in Bulgaria are keeping the sunflower, but they will not see higher prices

Updated Sep 28, 2023
There is no way that the price of sunflower for the domestic market will be artificially increased, as the farmers hoped. After protests by farmers against the import of agricultural crops from Ukraine, it was decided that the export from Ukraine will go to a license regime and it will be agreed on what quantities of grain crops will be imported into Bulgaria. We asked Yulian Stefanov, financial director of one of the largest companies in Bulgaria for sunflower processing, with questions about why there were farmers' protests and what will be the effect of limiting imports from Ukraine. - Mr. Stefanov, why did it come to the situation that the market has sunflowers from last year that have not been sold? What is the production of sunflower in the country and what quantity do you need as processors? - The market situation is that since the last five years, Bulgaria has become a net importer of sunflower from being a net exporter. Many processing facilities were built, both for the ...
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