Turkey's Honey Exports Shoot Up in 2022

Market & Price Trends
Turkey is the second largest honey producing country in the world and is one of the fastest growing honey suppliers in global trade. The country has large areas of forest devoted to beekeeping that yields pine honey, which is a specialisation of Turkey. For 2022, the production is estimated to be at 110 thousand mt, which is an improvement over the 90 thousand mt produced during the last year. Given the anticipation for higher production, honey exports from Turkey have also shot up, recording a YoY increase of 68% in value and 139% in volume. Government officials want to ramp up honey exports even more in the upcoming months and are investing heavily towards the same.

Turkey is the second-largest honey producing country in the world after China. The country extracts honey from beehives located in forests. The Turkish government has been working on recognising the crucial role forests play in producing honey and other bee products, particularly by designating selected forests as "honey forests." Turkey produces 92% of the world’s pine honey, specifically in its West Mediterranean and South Aegean regions. This particular variety of honey is known for its earthy and fruity flavors and is native to Turkey. It is one of the most popular varieties for export and sells at a higher price compared to other variants. In 2022, the annual average of tradable honey production in Turkey is projected to be at 110 thousand mt. However, the honey yield may vary depending on the nectar, secretion, and pollen yield of regions; raw material collection speed and ability of bees; and meteorology.

In terms of exports, Turkey’s honey export value in 2022 is booming. In the first five months of the year, exports recorded a YoY increase of 68%, reaching over USD 18 million in value. According to Eastern Black Sea Exporters, the country exported honey to over 50 countries during this 5 month period, with the export volume reaching 7 thousand mt. The volume of honey exports recorded a huge YoY increase of 139%, with most headed to Germany and Spain. The diversity of countries in honey exports has also increased compared to the same period in 2021. New countries like Slovenia, Denmark, Lebanon, Yemen, and Peru were added to the mix of markets and are drivers of increasing export volumes.

Turkish government officials are overwhelmed with the response Turkish honey exports have received in the global market in 2022. With wishes to expand their markets in terms of volume, destination, and value, the country is currently working on branded and high-quality small packaged products. On the production side, the officials recognise that beekeeping in forests is important not only for its economic, ecological, and social benefits but also for the future of forestry. According to EkoTrent, the country has a Honey Forests Project in place in which 676 honey forests have been established on an area of 88 thousand 22 hectares so far, with plans to increase the number of honey forests to 730 by 2023. 

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