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W47 Oats Update: Canada's Oat Production Plunge in 2022/23 while Russia's Ryazan Region Triumphs with Top Grain Harvest

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Published Nov 28, 2023

Canada's 2022/23 Oat Crop Plummets by 53.4% from Previous Year

Canada, a major oats producer and the largest oats exporting country, experienced a significant decline in the 2022/23 season's oat crop, amounting to 2.4 million metric tons (mmt), which is 53.4% lower than the 5.2 mmt harvested in the previous season. The decrease began at the seeding stage, with the planted area reduced by 570 thousand hectares (ha) compared to the previous season, resulting in a harvested area of only 830 thousand ha. Additionally, the lower yield of 2.94 metric tons (mt) per ha, compared to 3.73 mt/ha in the previous year, contributed to the overall reduction in oat production.Furthermore, Canadian oat exports for the 2023/24 season are estimated at 2.45 mmt, only slightly lower than the 2.67 mmt of sales in 2022/23, reducing the carry-out to a perilously low 350 thousand mt.

Record Grain Harvest in Russia's Ryazan Region and Oat Yields Surpass Expectations in Buryatia

In the Ryazan region of Russia, the overall grain crop harvest, including wheat, barley, corn, peas, rye, and oats, among others, is anticipated to reach approximately 2.9 mmt, ranking among the top three harvests in the history of the Ryazan region. Meanwhile, in Buryatia, Russia, oats have been successfully harvested from an area of 18.8 thousand ha, yielding 39.6 thousand mt, exceeding expectations by 117.0%, with a corresponding yield of 2.11 mt/ha.

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