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W8 Mango Update: Costa Rican Mangoes in High Demand Amidst Peruvian Shortage, Southern Mexico Faces Mango Supply Shortage Due to Adverse Weather, and Peruvian Mango Exports Primarily to US as Costa Rica and Guatemala Prepare for Production

South Korea
Published Mar 2, 2024
In W8 in the mango landscape, Costa Rican mangoes are experiencing high demand in the 2023/24 season due to a shortage from Peru. Meanwhile, An Giang province in Vietnam has exported its first 13 mt of mangoes to South Korea, marking a milestone in international agricultural collaboration. Tamil Nadu's state government has announced a plan to revitalize mango cultivation and promote jackfruit and banana production. Moreover, Mexico faces a mango supply decrease due to windy conditions, high temperatures, and El Niño. Lastly, Costa Rica and Guatemala will begin production in Mar-24.

High Demand for Costa Rican Mangoes Amidst Shortage from Peru in 2023/24 Season

In the 2023/24 season, Costa Rican mangoes are in high demand due to a shortage of mangoes from Peru. Manga Rica export volume is quite evenly split between Europe and the United States (US), accounting for 55% of shipments and around 45%. Manga Rica focuses exclusively on the February to May window, the only period where quality is guaranteed. The cost-of-living crisis has negatively impacted mango consumption in Europe. Still, ongoing quality improvements are expected to improve the long-term outlook for Costa Rican mangoes.

An Giang Province Exports First 13 MT of Mangoes to South Korea

An Giang province in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, achieved a significant milestone in international agricultural collaboration by exporting its first 13 metric tons (mt) of mangoes to South Korea. The province has a strong presence in the global market, with 12.6 thousand hectares (ha) of mango orchards and over 225 thousand tons of fruits annually. Chợ Mới district, with 6.4 thousand ha of mango growing area, has over 704 ha, meeting Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) standards. The GAP Cu Lao Gieng Cooperative in Chợ Mới has signed contracts with over 100 members to ensure a steady supply of quality mangoes.

Tamil Nadu's Mango Orchards Revived Through Government Support

In India, Tamil Nadu's state government has announced a plan to revitalize mango cultivation and promote jackfruit and banana production. The Special Scheme for Mukkani Development aims to convert aging mango orchards into productive farms, establish new orchards, and distribute growth promoters and bio-control agents to farmers. The government plans to extend banana cultivation over 2.1 thousand ha (5.2 thousand acres), focusing on wind damage prevention and premium production. Meanwhile, the Jackfruit Mission will also expand, with an allocation of USD 137.4 thousand (INR 11.4 million) and an additional value center.

Mango Supply Shortage in Southern Mexico Due to Adverse Weather

Mexico is experiencing a decrease in mango supply due to windy conditions, high temperatures, and reduced rainfall during the flowering months. The weather phenomenon El Niño is forecasted to affect the region. However, production is expected to normalize by mid-April. Meanwhile, Peruvian mango exports to the US have mostly concluded. Costa Rica and Guatemala are set to start production on Mar-24, focusing mainly on Florida. Retailers tend to prefer sourcing from one country.

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