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Australia - Fresh Table Grape

HS Code:
080610 - Fruit, edible; grapes, fresh
$32.50 ~
USD / Carton Box (9kg), March 27, 2023

Current Offer Base Prices

Green Seedless/Ivory/9KG Carton
$32.50 / -
Red Seedless/Crimson/9KG Carton
$36 / -
Green Seedless_Sweet Globe_9KG Carton
$42.50 / -

Available Specifications:

Variety: Ivory, Sweet Globe
Color: Green, Red, Green
Grade: Class 1, Premium Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Processed Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: CIF
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Latest Updates:
A buyer from Vietnam finalized a deal with Tridge. (17280 kg)
Mar 20, 2023

Product Description

As an island nation, Australia not only is widely recognized as a "clean and safe" producer of fruit and vegetables but also has an excellent environment of warm, dry summers and deep, rich soils for growers to produce world-class table grapes. Valued at $750 million, the table grape industry is one of the most valuable horticultural industries in Australia. Growers produce more than 220,000 tonnes of table grapes across 25,000 hectares of grapes, with 70% grown for export to an increasing number of countries and the remaining 30% consumed domestically.

In 2020, Australian table grapes were the leading horticulture export industry with close to 152,000 tonnes and $478 million of Australian grapes exported to 42 countries around the globe.

To offer the highest quality grapes and standards, Tridge has formed a partnership with selected Australian growers with not only a strong reputation as reliable suppliers but also modern growing practices, on-site cool room facilities, audited quality assurance programs, and experienced in-field quality supervisors.


Green Variety: Menindee, Ivory, Long White, Sugra51, Cotton Candy, Thompson, Great Green, Sweet Globe, Sugar Crisp, Autumn Crisp, Sugra43, Luisco, Autum King
Red Variety: Candy Snaps, Flame, Ralli, Candy Hearts, Crimson, Long Crimson, Sweet Nectar, Jack's Salute, Envee, Scarlet Royal, Pink Pearl, Allison
Black Variety: Midnight Beauty, Sweet Sapphire, Sweet Favors, Adora Seedless
Class I, Class 2
17mm ~ 24mm+
4.5 KG Carton, 9 KG Carton

Our Process and Product

Australia Fresh Table Grape - shutterstock_1383179129.jpg


Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_121526.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_122259.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_122841.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_103830.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_103740.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 15F_1.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_105307.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - Alby_Farms_Itum_12_Seedless_3.jpeg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - AU_grape.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_162426.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_162352.jpg


Australia Fresh Table Grape - 39F.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - au-grape2.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 27F.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 25F.jpg
Australia Fresh Table Grape - 20210304_101457.jpg

Our Representative in Australia

Laura Davies
Laura has a wealth of experience working in Australian Horticulture and International Markets, particularly in Asia under the “Taste Australia” brand. With 10 years’ experience in agribusiness sectors across the UK, USA and Australia, Laura has worked in various stages of the supply chain and is passionate about high quality produce. Laura’s enthusiasm for agriculture stems from her family arable farm in Shropshire, UK. This industry experience and sound understanding of the Australian food and agricultural landscape, Laura is keen to support and build upon Tridge’s values to develop sound relationships with local suppliers.

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