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Harness the power of global agri-food data

Access essential, actionable agri-food data and gain a deep understanding of global market dynamics and trends to enhance your business efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness.
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Domestic Price Data
Access wholesale and farm gate prices from over 400 trusted sources across the globe.
Global Price Trends
Capture the movement of the food prices by browsing through Price Indices that truly represent the market and Meal Indices that represent the top ingredients of the most consumed dishes of each country.
Trade Data
Discover the latest global trade data from the UN Comtrade and the official customs database of each nation.
Production Data
Obtain global data on production values, quantities, growth rates, prices, and more, directly sourced from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Company Analytics
Analyze transaction data from various organizations to identify key competitors, potential partners, and customers.
Transaction Explorer
Search and browse through millions of transaction records.
Seasonality Data
Access extensive data on harvest seasons and key producing regions of major agri-food products worldwide.
Weather Data
Browse detailed information on weather conditions, rainfall, temperature, NDVI data, and weather alerts for key agricultural production regions.
Daily Customs Data
Obtain real-time visibility into the most recent customs-cleared agri-food products in South Korea.
Intelligence Dashboard
Build your own dashboard and easily access price, trade, seasonality, weather, and media data based on your product of interest.
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Unlock the potential of data-driven success

Our comprehensive Data & Analytics service empowers you with unparalleled insights into market trends, supply-chain dynamics, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions and confidently seize new opportunities.
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