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Australian Wheat Prices Slip Slightly in W9

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Sean Flanery
Published Mar 3, 2023
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) May 23 Wheat futures (ZW.K23) finished USD 0.75 firmer overnight, closing at USD 12.75 per bushel. This was supported by ongoing commentary regarding the renewal of the Black Sea grain corridor that expires in 15 days. The soybean production in Argentina seems to be slipping even more due to the ongoing drought. Oilseed markets were boosted by the flooding in Malaysia, which could affect the supply of palm oil worldwide. The Australian Wheat market was slightly down from this time in W8, with H2 slipping USD1.35/MT, from USD 299.90/MT* this time in W8 to USD 297.56/MT* in W9. APH1 is down USD 8.91/MT, from USD 289.65/MT* this time in W8 to USD 280.74/MT* in W9. AGP1 is down USD 7.23/MT, from USD 271.32/MT* this time in W8 to 264.09/MT * in W9.
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