Lychee Prices in Vietnam Remain Strong During Early Season and Mid-Year Festival

Logan Pham
Published Jun 9, 2024
Lychee holds significant cultural importance in traditional Vietnamese worship, leading to strong sales during the Mid-Year Festival. W24 marks the early phase of the local lychee season, and traders report this year's harvest is notably juicy and of high quality. Currently, lychee prices stood at approximately USD 20 per 10 kilogram (kg) for size L and USD 17/10 kg for size M.
Traders note that these prices are similar to those at the start of last year's lychee season. Prices are forecasted to decline after the Mid-Year Festival, consistent with historical trends. This pattern highlights the cultural and seasonal dynamics influencing lychee sales in Vietnam, with heightened demand during the festival period driving early season prices.
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