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Off-season harvest of Nam Dok Mai mango in Thailand was severely affected by flood

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Danaiwat Jaidech
Published Nov 5, 2021
Mango is in the off-season in Thailand but still some varieties are being harvested in some regions. Nam Dok Mai is well known yellow mango that has good taste, smell and looks. Generally, the main export of Nam Dok Mai heads to Japan, Korea, UAE, Singapore, Bangladesh, etc. For the out season, EXW farm price is around USD 2.73-3.03 per kg.

For this year, the abnormal rainy season in Thailand has had a severe impact on off-season mangoes. Rain hit their delicate skin bruised skin and high humidity has formed black fungus (black spot) on their skin. Moreover, the Thailand Meteorological Department announced that five more monsoons are coming until the end of November. Therefore, there are concerns regarding quality control pending. Customers might have to wait forNam Dok Mai season in April until supplies are stable.
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