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How is the Thai mango supply chain formed?

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Oct 21, 2021
Edited By
Seujin Jang
Oct 21, 2021
Edited By
Seujin Jang
The supply chain is formed by producers/farms, packhouses, storage/logistics company and consumers.

Producers/Farms -> Packhouse -> Storage/Logistics Company-> Consumer

Thai mangoes are grown by producers and sent to packinghouses which are put in storage or sent to a logistics company that puts the mangoes into warehouses and are exported. The packinghouse could export directly, or have a logistics company in between. There are cases of packinghouses owning the farm, which means they are able to procure the goods at a cheaper price and sell it at a cheaper price, but normally they will buy from another supplier.

The packinghouse has one of the most powerful roles within the supply chain as there are not many suppliers who can export their goods. Sorting is also required in order to export, leaving the packinghouse to have a stronger role than other players. 

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