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Global Tea Production Overview 2022-2032

Global tea production has grown steadily at an annual rate of 3.2% over the past decade, reaching 6.7 mmt in 2022. China played a significant role in this growth, contributing 5.9% to annual expansion, making it the leading global tea producer, followed by India, with a 20.5% share and a 1.8% increase in output in 2022. Major exporting nations, Kenya and Sri Lanka, faced challenges, with Sri Lanka experiencing a substantial 15.6% YoY decline in 2022 due to fertilizer bans. Despite this, global tea production increased by 1.6% YoY in 2022, compensating for a drop in black tea with higher green tea production. Preliminary estimates suggest a marginal rise in global tea production in 2023, and looking ahead, the outlook for production until 2032 indicates a forecasted growth. According to the FAO-IGG, the forecast for the next decade anticipates a slightly reduced annual growth rate of 1.6% for global black tea production, reaching 4.42 mmt by 2032. In contrast, global green tea output is forecasted to increase at a faster rate of 6.3% annually, reaching 4.25 mmt in 2032.
Xchel Perez · Mar 1, 2024

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