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Procedures for Exporting Almonds From the USA/ procedures for Importing Almonds From the USA

Jul 25, 2022
Edited By
Prince Yawson
Jul 25, 2022
Edited By
Prince Yawson
Globally, almonds are the leading U.S. tree nut export in both value and volume and are shipped to over 90 countries annually. It is thus important to understand the export procedure of almonds

Export Procedure 

1. The very first stage is establishing  the varieties and the USDA grades that the buyers want to source 

2. The next stage is to establish the final destination country of the exported products

3. There is the need to also establish the quantity in other words how almonds the buyer is looking to buy

4. After this prices and pictures are sent to the buyer (some buyers do ask for samples of the product but suppliers are more often than not hesitant in sending samples.

5. A sales contract otherwise called a purchase order is signed between between the supplier and buyer

6. After the purchasing order, a fraction of the payment is made otherwise called prepayment. This is normally about 30% of the full amount made 3 days after signing the contract

7. The next stage is the supplier or the agent aiding the trade locking in on shipping dates on containers

8. The buyer then hires a  3 party or their representatives to go inspect the products either at the farms, warehouse etc. A USDA agent can also be contracted to do the inspection

9. The supplier then checks if all documents are in order and further sends all documents to the buyer

10. At this point, the remaining amount is pad to the supplier by the buyer (normally the remaining 70% of the total invoice)

11. the products are then shipped to the buyer 

12. On arrival, the supplier or their agent its the product if all its in order

13. The buyer then take possession of the shipment

To export to the European Union, almonds are the only U.S. commodity included under the Pre-Export Check Program. See here for more.

Depending on trade agreements among others between the USA and the destination country, tariffs may apply. Import requirements around the world are always changing so its always best to familiarize with imports export tariffs regulations. The Almond Board of California has  a Summary of Applied Tariffs and Other Trade Measures Applicable to U.S. Almonds available here 

Also exports may require adhering to Aflatoxin requirements which vary from country to country. Almond Board of California has created a Factsheet that lists aflatoxin requirements by country available here 

Countries around the world have phytosanitary requirements that may include fumigation, documentation and exporters are expected to check all these before executing a trade, etc. Phyto certificates issued by the USDA based on the requirements outlined by USDA/APHIS is available here 

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