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2021 End of Year Report - Changes in Markets and Climate

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After the initial shock caused by the pandemic on the agricultural industry, 2021 was a year in which the residue effects of the shock were felt in terms of logistics, labor, production, and exports. As the year comes to a close, Tridge has compiled the most significant events within the industry starting from the beginning of the year.

This report includes various issues affecting the agricultural industry in 2021, such as the notable export, demand, and price trends of 2021, including the great performance of Norwegian seafood, increasing demand for Vietnamese durians, and high Malaysian palm oil prices, as well as trade issues including the Effects of the US-EU import tariff suspension, and climate issues that affected the industry such as the frost in Brazil.

Table of contents

Part 1 - Export Trends

- China’s Ginger Exports Fall as Export Prices Rise

- Juicy Year for Argentine Lemon Exports to the US

- Competitors Grow Wary as Moroccan Tomato Exports to the EU Expand

- Ecuador’s Shrimp Exports Demonstrate Solid Growth in 2021

- Norwegian Seafood Exports Maintain High Performance

Part 2 - Demand Trends

- Top Chinese New Year Fruits Mirror US-China Trade Tensions

- Vietnamese Durian Becomes Popular in Australian Markets

- Growing Global Avocado Consumption Boosts Export Opportunities

Part 3 - Price Trends

- Chinese Cherry Prices Expected to Fall

- Spanish Almond Prices Expected to Rise in the Upcoming Season

- US-Turkey Prices are Hitting An All-Time High this 2021

- Malaysian Palm Oil Prices Continue to Increase Amid Tight Supplies and Low Production

Part 4 - Trade Regulations

- China’s Import Ban Affects Taiwanese Pineapple Exports

- Russia’s Export Restriction on Wheat from High Domestic Prices

- US-EU temporarily lift Retaliatory Import Tariff Suspensions in 2021

- Greater Access for South African Lemons to China

Part 5 - Climate Issues

- Storms Across Spain Increase Vegetable Prices in Early 2021

- Frost in Brazil Affects Coffee, Sugarcane, and Corn Yields

- Flood in British Columbia Could Affect Canadian Grain Exports

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