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Sugar industry was one of the worst hit during the COVID-19 outbreak. While the consumption plummted, production in continued to rise in countries like India and Brazil. This report addresses an overview of the global sugar landscape, including production, consumption, imports, and exports. Emphasis is on key global players including Brazil, India, the EU and Thailand.

Table of contents

Part I - Sugar Product Information 

1.1 Varieties

1.2 Sugar Production: Sugar beet and Sugarcane

1.3 Difference between Sugar from Sugar Beet and Sugarcane

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Production

2.2 Consumption

2.3 Sugar Trade

2.4 Falling Export Unit Price

Part III - Recent Trends in major producing countries 

3.1 Brazil

3.2 India

3.3 EU

3.4 Thailand

Part IV - Sources

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