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2020 End of Year Report: From COVID-19 to Trade Wars

The year 2020 will be remembered as one of the most challenging as well as rewarding years for the agricultural industry. As the year came to a close, Tridge has compiled the most significant events within the industry that have occurred throughout 2020.

This report will include the impact of the coronavirus on various markets, such as the meat industry in the US and stone fruits in Spain, and it will also feature other notable events, such as the US-China trade war, the Avian Influenza, and La Niña, China’s rice imports from India for the first time in nearly 35 years, and how Egypt has become the biggest worldwide orange exporter.

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Table of Content

Part I - COVID-19

- US Meat Processing Facilities Remained Shut in the First Half of 2020

- Labor Shortage in Spain Reduces Harvest of Stone Fruits

- The Impact of COVID-19 on Top Shrimp Exporters Vietnam and Ecuador

- Global Oversupply of Cashews Despite Shutdowns

- Brazil’s Coffee Exports Reach Record Levels Amidst COVID-19 and Lockdowns

- Pine Nut Prices Normalize in China after Initial Shock

Part II - Trade Tensions 

- US vs China: Phase One Deal Allows US Chicken Back in China

- China vs Australia: Barley Becomes Another Victim

- US vs EU: Trade War Brings Down Spanish Olive Oil Exports

- US vs Iran: Iranian Pistachios Bear the Brunt of the War

- Indian Onion Export Ban

- US Eyes on Imposing Protectionist Measures Against Peruvian Blueberries

Part III - Disease & Natural Disasters

- South Africa Suspends Citrus Exports Over Black Spots

- China Bans German Pork Imports over ASF

- Updates on the Avian Influenza Outbreak

- Wildfires Complicate Apple Harvest in US, Canada

- La Niña behind Upward Pressure on Peruvian Mango Prices

- Storm Eta Impacts Ecuadorian Banana Production and Prices

Part IV - Market Shifts 

- Indian Surge in Rice Exports to China Amidst Border Tensions

- Demand for Australian Canola Rises as EU Production Suffers

- Rising Commodity Prices

Part V - Booming Markets 

- Egyptian Oranges

- Chilean Cherries

- US Avocados 

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