Raw Gelatin Global Market Review

Juan Carlos
Published Jan 16, 2024
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Gelatin consumption trends have evolved, diversifying from traditional desserts like Jell-O to new applications in various food and non-food products. Key trends include the integration of gelatin into a range of food items, growing prominence in the health and wellness sector due to perceived benefits for joints, skin, and hair, a surge in plant-based alternatives like agar-agar and pectin, and a focus on clean label preferences.

The leading supplier of raw gelatin is Brazil, with 15.7% of the global market, followed by China with 13.4%, and Germany with 12.3%. Turkey, Italy, and India are the countries with the most notable yearly growth in raw gelatin export value from the 2018 to 2022 period. Overall, global exports had a 28% annual growth rate in import value from 2018 to 2022.

Table of contents

Key Takeaways

1. Raw Gelatin Market Overview

1.1 Gelatin Specification

1.2 Gelatin Production Process

1.3 Global Market Dynamics

1.3.1 Global Exports

1.3.2 Main Exporters

1.3.3 Global Imports

1.3.4 Main Importers

2.Main Exporting Markets Analysis

2.1 Brazil

2.2 China

2.3 Germany

3. Main Importing Market Analysis

3.1 United States

3.2 Germany

3.3 France

4. Gelatin Market Trends

4.1 Raw Gelatin Common Applications

4.1.2 Food Industry

4.1.3 Sweets

4.1.4 Baked Products or Desserts

4.1.5 Dairy Products

4.2 Properties for General Food Use

4.3 Gelatin Consumption Trends

4.3.1 Main Consumption Trends

4.4 Consumption Trends in the Confectionery Industry

5. Main Global Manufacturers

5.1 Main Market Player Profiles

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