Food exports to Uganda in 2020 reached $18 million

Published Apr 8, 2021

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Eng. Tamim Al-Dawi, Deputy Executive Director of the Export Council for Food Industries, said that the total value of industrial food exports to Uganda reached 18 million dollars in 2020, despite being modest figures, but they are on the way to rise after achieving 16% growth compared to the previous year in 2019, and occupies Uganda ranked 41st in the list of the most important importing countries from Egypt.

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Tamim added during the Food Industries Export Council symposium on export opportunities to Uganda in cooperation with commercial representation via video conference, that the most important commodity that we export to Uganda with this value during the past year is sugar, and it represents 36% of exports to Uganda with a value of 7 million dollars, followed by pasta with a value of 6 million dollars. One million dollars, food prepared for animals represents 2 million dollars, yeasts 1.3 million dollars, grain preparations 500 thousand dollars, frozen potatoes 500 thousand dollars, in addition to dry sweets, lollipops and gum at 100 thousand dollars. The Deputy Executive Director of the Council stated that the number of Egyptian companies that were exported to Uganda during the year 2020 reached 60 companies, including 19 companies whose exports exceeded the value of $ 100,000. He pointed out that the most important imports of Uganda from the world for food industries are palm ...
Source: Youm7
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