20 Israeli date brands called to be boycotted ahead of Ramadan

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Published Feb 29, 2024

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The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, which produce 60% of Israel's dates, are illegal. The majority of these dates are exported, primarily to the UK. The Islamic Human Rights Commission has highlighted the underpayment and harsh working conditions of Palestinian workers in these settlements. This has led to campaigns in France advocating for a boycott of Israeli dates.
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ISRAEL - The International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land illegal. 60 percent of Israel's dates are grown in these settlements and are the most profitable crop. This makes a significant contribution to their economic viability. 80 percent of billing days are exported and the UK is Israel's second largest market. According to the Islamic Human Rights Commission, Palestinian workers are underpaid for this illegal work. During harvest season, workers are dropped by crane onto the date palms in the morning, left to sit on top of the 12-meter-tall palm trees - 4-storey buildings that sway in the wind. 8 hours without even needing to go to the bathroom, without being able to get off before the crane returns to work at the end of the day, workers picking up wood with one hand and working with the other to meet quotas. If they are late, they will lose their job. In France, Collectif Palestine Vaincra provides in-depth information ...
Source: Okezone
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