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За счет повторного сева в Узбекистане вырастят 2254,9 тыс. тонн овощей

За счет повторного сева в Узбекистане вырастят 2254,9 тыс. тонн овощей
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Aug 14, 2020
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A detailed decoding is given, from which it follows that vegetables will be placed at 115.1 thousand, melons - by 35.6 thousand, potatoes - by 42.5 thousand, legumes - by 342.7 thousand, oilseeds - by 20.4 thousand hectares of land. Also, on 189.4 thousand hectares, sowing of forage crops, rice on 57.8 thousand hectares, millet and sorghum - on 55.1 thousand hectares will be carried out. Read also: Farmers of Sughd region (Tajikistan) are completing re-sowing of vegetable crops Analysis of the information provided shows that the three key players in terms of re-sowing are Tashkent (100004 ha), Surkhandarya (98522 ha) and Fergana (93,500 ha) regions. These regions account for 40 percent of repeated crops from the national level, writes Due to the timely implementation of agrotechnical measures in these areas, about 2254.9 thousand tons of vegetables, 665.2 thousand tons of melons, 851.5 thousand tons of potatoes, 484.9 thousand tons of legumes, 26.5 thousand tons oilseeds. ...
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