2-3 times vegetable prices increase in China could make it difficult for vegetable prices in Vietnam to cool down soon

Published Oct 29, 2021

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The latest data from China's Ministry of Commerce shows that wholesale vegetable prices in the country rose 28% in the four weeks to October 22 and are now at their highest level since February. Large crop areas this year have damaged crops, which, combined with soaring coal prices, has made greenhouse farming more expensive.

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Unusually heavy rains hit northern China in September and earlier this month, flooding the farmland of Shandong, China's top vegetable-growing province. "All the vegetables are dead," said Zhou Rui, a farmer cultivating about 7 hectares in the province's Juancheng district. According to her, the flooded fields of water spinach, cabbage and coriander only have a little bit left to harvest. Meanwhile, farmers have not replanted new crops because the weather has become too cold. As a result, prices for broccoli, cucumbers and cabbage have more than doubled in recent weeks. Accordingly, the price of cauliflower and broccoli increased by about 50%, while the price of spinach increased by 157% during the four-week period mentioned above. At the Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing on October 27, a half-kilogram bag of lettuce or water spinach costs 8 yuan ($1.25). The price of spinach rose to 16.67 yuan (US$2.61) per kilo from 6.67 yuan at the end of September. Meanwhile, pork costs ...
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