Brazilian Açaí polo, producers are optimistic about planting the fruit in Linhares, Tarciso says that the idea of planting açaí emerged when he had access to cocoa seedlings provided by the city through a subsidy.

Published May 4, 2021

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Photo: Disclosure Açaí, the fruit of the açaí tree, from which a highly nutritious and energetic pulp is extracted, has been conquering producers in Linhares, such as Tarciso de Souza, which has property in Brejo Grande. He and 11 other producers are part of the Polo Litoral, of the Municipal Fruit Production Program, growing 4,670 plants on 10 hectares of area that were distributed by the Linhares Municipal Agriculture Department.

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Tarciso says that the idea of planting açaí came up when he had access to cocoa seedlings provided by the city via a subsidy. “It is a new culture that, as soon as I started taking care of cocoa, I saw that the consortium with açaí was very appropriate. Today I have approximately 300 plants and I want to exceed a thousand units by the end of the year. I have good expectations for a plantation that is easy to cultivate and very suitable for our type of soil. Despite being a plant that takes a while to start bearing fruit, its useful life is long and brings extra income for us producers ”, he explained. Francisco de Paula Durão Costa, an agricultural technician who provides technical assistance to the Polo Litoral, commented that even if the culture is not traditional, Linhares has areas suitable for the fruit. “Despite not being a traditional culture, the municipality has spectacular areas for the introduction of açaí, a fact that has already been proven by the few old areas in the ...
Source: Abrafrutas
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