ADEX: Food exports from Ica totaled US $ 975,595,000 from January to July 2021 in Peru

Updated Sep 24, 2021
( Ica is one of the main food exporting regions of the country. Between January and July of this year, their dispatches totaled US $ 975,595,000, showing an increase of 22.7% compared to the US $ 794,807,000 reached in the same period in 2020. In addition, it represented a growth of 24.6% compared to the US $ 782,945,000 from January-July 2019, when the Covid-19 pandemic still did not affect the global economy. This was reported by the Association of Exporters (ADEX), who pointed out that to continue promoting these shipments, the trade union institution organizes the Virtual Food Expo 2021, the most important food and beverage fair in Latin America, which will be held from September 30 to October 8 through the commercial platform B2Perú. According to figures from the commercial intelligence system ADEX Data Trade, these products represented 83.9% of value-added exports and 31.2% of the total. Grape led the ranking with US $ 412,939,000.
Others were avocados (US $ 111,455,000), pomegranates (US $ 60,833,000), fresh or chilled asparagus (US $ 58,926,000) and wilkings (US $ 50,380,000). In the case of hydrobiological species, anchovy preparations and preserves stood out (US $ 25,311,000); frozen horse mackerel (US $ 8,213,000) and frozen squid (US $ 7,409,000). Of those located in the top ten, those with the highest growth were other fresh algae (167.2%), cocoa butter (48.6%), anchovy preparations and canned (40.6%), fresh onions (38.5%) and avocados ( 31.8%). The nations that demanded the most food from Ica between January and July of this year were the United States (US $ 353,870,000) with a positive variation of 9% and the Netherlands (US $ 136,138,000), which increased their orders by 23.1%. The two represented 50% of the total exported. Hong Kong (US $ 87,948,000), Spain (US $ 77,992,000), China (US $ 48,876,000), United Kingdom (US $ 40,480,000), Canada (US $ 22,862,000), Mexico (US $ 22,281,000), Chile (US $ ...
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