The banana economy and how it can transform Africa

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Published Mar 6, 2022

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Banana and plantain are important staple foods in many developing countries, especially in Africa Banana starch, flour, and chips are processed banana products whose markets are yet to be fully developed Africans consume a lot of bananas with the annual average being 21 kg of banana and plantain per capita Climate change is a threat to food security globally and in Africa where it is most felt, the livelihood of millions is at risk if temperatures continue soaring.

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One of the indisputable food products that Africa contributes to the world is bananas whose production has grown at an average of 3 per cent globally. As it is, the banana is a delicate plant that is easily affected by temperature fluctuations which leads to low production and possibly the eventual death of the crop. Read: Picture-based insurance launched to protects Kenyan smallholder farmers from climate change Threats to the banana crop Climate change is not the only threat to the banana crop and diseases that have been spreading at an alarming rate are a danger, too. In 2015, the PLOS Pathogen journey noted that a fungus dubbed Tropical Race 4 had already decimated the crop in Southeast Asia over a number of decades. According to the independent, the disease was first discovered in Australia, Jordan, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa in 2013. It is so severe that it had destroyed whole plantations. Fears were that it was just a matter of time before it landed in ...
Source: All Africa
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