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เล็งใช้ “แฟคตอริ่ง-บาร์เตอร์เทรด” แก้วิกฤตภาคเกษตรกู้เงินยาก

เล็งใช้ “แฟคตอริ่ง-บาร์เตอร์เทรด” แก้วิกฤตภาคเกษตรกู้เงินยาก
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Sep 21, 2020
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Mr. Kriengsak Prateep Wisarut, Director of the Warehouse Organization (ORO), revealed that at this time, he has assigned the NCPO officials to visit the area and conduct a survey on the needs and propose guidelines to help and promote agricultural products across the country. To reduce oversupply problems Slumping prices and sustainable product value added Which is consistent with the mission to generate income for the NCPO And is the main agency in solving agricultural and trade problems Set to reach a preliminary conclusion within 2-3 Week from now And used to plan for various measures Before presenting the policy level Some of which require a budget to support the project. And not contrary to the regulations of state enterprises The short-term approach is prepared to present the use of factoring or trade receivables. Come to help the farmers sector By using the income of the NCPO to allow the agricultural sector to borrow and keep the margin ratio This is a way to make the ...
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