Albania produces table olives and olive oil, exports and prices

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Published Oct 18, 2023

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In 2022, Albania experienced a significant increase in olive production, with 157,710 tons of olives produced, a 43.16% increase from the previous year. The majority of olives were used for oil production, accounting for 81.71% of the total production. Albania has a large number of olive oil processing plants, with most of the oil being consumed or sold directly by farmers.
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The variety of olives for oil making represents 81.71% of the total olive production in Albania, while the variety of table olives represents 18.29%. According to the official data of the Albanian Statistical Service (INSTAT), for 2022 the production of table olives amounted to 28,848 tons, while the production of olives that were sent for oiling to 128,861 tons. November is considered the best month for olive production in Albania. Tirana, Durres, Avlona, Berati, Agioi Saranda are the prefectures with the largest production of olive oil in the country. According to the O.E.Y. Office of the Greek Embassy in Tirana, regarding olive production in Albania, in 2022, 157,710 tons of olives were produced, an increase of 43.16% compared to the previous year, while the highest level of production was recorded in Fieri with 43,827 tons. Also, olive production in Berati increased by 186.68%. According to the most recent data, Albania has around 450 olive oil processing plants with 90% of ...
Source: Agrotypos
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