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An amazing development in Egyptian fish farming during the past seven years

الزراعة الأمريكية: تطور مذهل فى الاستزراع السمكى المصرى خلال السنوات السبع الماضية
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Mar 1, 2022
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The field of fish farming in Egypt has witnessed rapid and amazing development during the past seven years, according to a recent report by the American Agricultural Affairs Office in Cairo. This sector is an important contributor to ensuring food security and the growth of the Egyptian economy.
A recent report by the American Agricultural Affairs Office in Cairo anticipates an increase in the demand for fish in the coming years, driven by population increase and economic growth, which will require a sustainable increase in fish production through the use of technology to improve the use of modern feed, high-quality nutrition and innovations in water use efficiency in addition to good farming practices. The report’s data showed an increase in fish production in Egypt by 17.64 percent, from 1.7 million tons in 2016 to 2 million in 2020. The data revealed a growth in the share of fish farming in Egypt from 1.37 million tons in 2016 to 1.62 million tons in 2020, representing 81% of the Total fish production, achieving an increase of 18.2% during that period. It was followed by lakes, which accounted for 10%, sea water for 4.45%, fresh water for 3.8%, then rice fields with 0.8% of the total fish production locally. In the report, the US Department of Agriculture estimated the ...
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