Analysis of China’s agricultural products supply and demand situation in September 2023

Maize (Corn)
Published Sep 13, 2023

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China is expected to import 18.5 million tons of corn in 2022/23, with favorable weather conditions contributing to the growth of corn. Corn prices in North China have declined but remain high, and it is expected that high prices will weaken and feed consumption will increase. China's soybean imports for 2022/23 were higher than expected, reaching 99.86 million tons, with global soybean prices remaining relatively high due to factors such as high temperatures and a decline in crop quality. China's soybean imports for 2023/24 are forecasted to increase, driven by the demand for feed protein. The forecast for edible vegetable oil production in 2023/24 has increased, while the production and consumption forecast for sugar in 2023/24 remains unchanged, but the international sugar price forecast has been raised.
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Original content

Corn: This month’s estimate is that China’s corn imports in 2022/23 will be 18.5 million tons, an increase of 500,000 tons from the previous month. In August, the weather conditions in the production areas of Northeast and North China were generally good, and the heavy precipitation caused by typhoons effectively increased the Soil moisture will play a certain role in promoting the growth of corn. In the future, it is expected that the first frost will be late in most parts of the Northeast, and the thermal conditions will be better, which is conducive to grain filling and maturity. According to the agricultural situation dispatching situation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, this month 2023/24 The annual corn planting area is increased by 400,000 hectares to 43.87 million hectares. Recently, new season corn has gradually become available in some areas of North China and Liaoning. The sales willingness of grain holders has increased. Corn prices in North China ...
Source: Foodmate
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