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Australia: Bulk lentils brighten market

Updated Feb 23, 2023
A solid bulk export program for lentils has lifted prices for southern Australia’s major pulse in the past month as offshore demand for faba beans languishes.
Chickpea business is swapping from bulk to containers amid ongoing economic difficulties for Australia’s major markets, and mungbeans are finding it hard to get a look-in as a late summer-crop option, despite buoyant demand from China. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars unless stated otherwise. A big and good-quality sorghum crop is now being harvested in Queensland and northern New South Wales and, on top of a big wheat program, has pushed chickpeas out of bulk shipping schedules. The upshot has been a backing off in demand for Qld chickpeas, which are now trading in small volume into container packers at $400-$425/t for downgraded CHKPM product, and $550/t for CHKP1. “Pakistan and Bangladesh, the two major buyers of chickpeas, are still struggling to secure currency to pay for consignments, so there is no new trade happening as buyers are cautious about overexposing themselves,” one trader said. “Although this inflation is very high, there is substantial demand for ...
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