Australia exports 52,602 tonnes chickpeas and 210,880 tonnes lentils in March

Published May 8, 2024

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In March, Australia significantly boosted its agricultural exports by shipping large quantities of chickpeas and lentils, primarily to Bangladesh, which emerged as the top market for both commodities. The country exported 52,602 tonnes of chickpeas and 210,880 tonnes of lentils, as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Other major destinations included the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan for chickpeas, and India and Sri Lanka for lentils. Over the first half of the marketing year, Australia's exports totaled 367,899 tonnes of chickpeas and 862,139 tonnes of lentils, with India being the largest market for lentils.
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Australia exported 52,602 tonnes of chickpeas and 210,880t of lentils in March, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. On chickpeas, Bangladesh on 31,833t was the biggest market for March shipments, followed by the United Arab Emirates on 9360t and Pakistan on 4459t. The March total brings Australia’s total chickpea exports for the first half of its marketing year to 367,899t, with Bangladesh on 165,829t the leading destination, followed by Pakistan on 78,865t and the UAE on 69,620t. On March-shipped lentils, Bangladesh on 99,207t was the largest market, followed by India on 64,645t and Sri Lanka on 22,439t. First-half export figures for Australia’s 2023-24 lentils sit at 862,139t, with India on 477,366t the biggest market, followed by Bangladesh on 139,374t and Sri Lanka on ...
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