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Australia's imports of Vietnamese tea increased sharply due to a 44% increase in prices.

Updated Apr 23, 2021
Source: The Import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) cited statistics from the International Trade Center (ITC) said that in January 2021, Australia's tea imports reached 1,400 tons, worth $ 12.06 million, an increase of 26. , 8% in volume and 42.5% in value compared to January 2020. The average imported tea unit price reached $ 8,570.3 / ton, up 12.4% over January 2020. In January 2021, Australia imported the most tea from India, Sri Landka, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and China. Total imports from these 5 markets accounted for 84.5% of total imported tea from Australia in January 2021. Notably, tea consumed in Australia is mainly imported due to climate conditions in Australia that cannot grow tea. Therefore, there are many opportunities to boost tea exports to the Australian market in the coming time. However, Vietnam only provided a small amount of tea to Australia in January 2021, the proportion of tea imports from only 0.08% of ...
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