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Barren lands on the Iraqi border turned into vegetable and fruit gardens

Irak sınırındaki çorak araziler sebze ve meyve bahçesine dönüştü
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Jun 24, 2022
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Barren lands in Şırnak were brought into agriculture with the support of the state. Within the scope of the Project for the Expansion of Vegetable Production Areas, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 128 thousand tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon seedlings of vegetables and fruits were brought together with soil on an area of 200 decares.
The planting of 55 thousand of these seedlings was carried out on 60 decares of land where agricultural production was not carried out before in the villages of Buğdaylı, Kavaközü, Bostancı, Ovaköy, Başköy, Aktepe, Kapılı and Çardaklı, close to the Iraqi border of the Silopi district. While the seedlings gave fruit and vegetables, the barren lands were revived by agricultural production. Employment was provided in the lands where vegetables and fruits were grown throughout the province, and the produced vegetables and fruits became income for the villagers. "Our goal is to reach an area of 1500 decares" Hurşit Acar, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that in line with the project, they started the seedling distribution last year with 7 farmers and 70 decares, and this year they reached an area of 200 decares. Stating that they distributed 128 thousand seedlings in the province, Acar said, "When we looked at the province in general, we saw that we were dependent on ...
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