Europe: Because of the French frog leg dish, some species are threatened with extinction in Indonesia and other countries

Frozen Frog
Published Jun 25, 2022

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French animal protection group report “Many species disappeared from Turkey and Albania”

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European frog. Getty Images Korea Frog leg dishes in France and Belgium are putting some species of frogs on the verge of extinction in Indonesia, Turkey and Albania. German and French wildlife conservation groups 'Pro Wildlife' and 'Robain de Bois' recently released a report, and some European countries, such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, import 200 million frogs from overseas for food every year, It is reported on the 23rd (local time) that it is a serious threat to the survival of wild frogs. In Turkey, water frogs could become extinct by 2032 due to overfishing, and some frogs are also threatened in Albania and Indonesia. Sandra Altair, co-founder of Pro Wildlife, said: “In Indonesia, as well as in Turkey and Albania, many wild frog species are disappearing one after another, creating a domino effect. And maybe we could see extinction in 10 years.” Charlotte Nitar, president of Robin de Bois, said, “As frogs play a key role in the ecosystem as insect ...
Source: Hani
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