Beef prices fluctuate in Spain

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Published Feb 4, 2024

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Beef carcass prices are experiencing a rise in males due to high industry demand and limited supply, while female prices remain stable due to reduced slaughterhouse orders. Factors such as the upcoming Ramadan and live animal exports to Libya and Lebanon are influencing the market. The European market is facing transportation issues at the French border, causing a tight supply, particularly for males, despite strong export orders. The Binéfar Market mirrors this trend. The national beef market is sluggish, but demand for crossbred males is on the rise. The FAO Meat Price Index shows a slight decline in global beef prices in January due to increased export supplies from Oceania and South America.
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As for beef carcasses, prices oscillated between increases in males (due to significant demand from the industry compared to a contained supply) and repetitions in females, due to fewer orders from slaughterhouses. Sources in the sector indicate that it must be taken into account that Ramadan is approaching, which this year begins at the beginning of March, and the movements of live animals destined for Libya and Lebanon have already begun, in addition to the fact that the demand for part of Morocco with half-baited animals. These sources add that the European market was complicated by transportation problems on the border with France. Sources from the Ebro Market, where prices repeated, indicate that the end of the month has taken its toll, with internal demand that has suffered even more due to the January slope. The supply continues to be tight, with difficulties in obtaining animals with weight, especially males, which continue to be more sought after than females. Export ...
Source: Agropopular
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