Belgium is looking for male hop plants

Published Jul 15, 2020

Tridge summary

A group of Belgian researchers is interested in the location of male hop plants. Only female hop plants have the characteristic hop cones.

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In the Hopbel project, the city of Poperinge, the hop growers and the knowledge institutes Inagro, Vives and ILVO are aiming for a new variety of hop that is disease-resistant, robust in cultivation, performs well in the brewery and is typically Belgian. Hop is a dioecious plant. A hop vine therefore has male or female flowers. For new hop varieties, breeders need male hop plants. Only female plants In hop cultivation, growers only plant female plants. They avoid male hop plants near the field, because any seed formation in the hop cones greatly reduces the quality of the brewer's hop. 'Male plants are mainly found in Belgium in ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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