Between Australia and China generate expectations in the barley market

Published Apr 27, 2023

Original content

For the site led by Agr. Mario Cattáneo and Fidel Cortese, the international panorama for cereal has a very important milestone. It happens that the rapprochement between Australia and China and the progress in resolving trade disputes between the two countries, mainly the one referring to barley, has put the feedlot market on hold, with prices falling, awaiting a final resolution of it, which could take between 3 and 6 months. The latest USDA report and private estimates conclude a global estimate of around 152 million tons for this season, a value higher than the last 2021/22 harvest, but which, in any case, due to greater marketing, does not reverse the situation of adjusted stocks. For the next 2023/24 campaign, a drop of around 4% in world production is estimated, which would be located at values similar to those of the 2021/22 campaign. This would keep the stock/consumption ratio stable but with greater sensitivity to climatic and/or political ...
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