Poland: Heavy trade traffic, vegetable prices lower than last year

Market & Price Trends
Published Mar 29, 2024

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The article provides an in-depth analysis of the current market trends for both imported and domestic fruits and vegetables, highlighting a general decrease in prices for imported produce by around 17.5% to 17.9%, with the exception of kiwis which saw a price increase of over 41%. Domestic vegetables and fruits experienced a price drop of about 10.5% and a rise of approximately 30.9%, respectively. Specific produce such as strawberries, tomatoes, hazelnuts, and Irga potatoes are mentioned for their notable price changes. Additionally, the article covers the early season prices for radishes and chives, the effects of weather on raspberry tomato prices, and slight price increases in imported vegetables like iceberg lettuce. It also notes the stable prices of most domestic apple varieties and the large supply leading to falling prices of blueberries. Furthermore, it discusses the availability and pricing of fresh strawberries imported from Greece to Poland, with an expected increase in volume until the end of June and the anticipated arrival of the first Polish strawberries grown under foil after May 10.
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Prices of imported fruit and vegetables are lower than last year, comparing the third week of March this year. compared to the same period last year. Imported fruit is cheaper on average by approx. 17.5%, strawberries have become cheaper the most by approx. 39%. kiwi prices have gone up - over 41%. Imported vegetables cost an average of 17.9%. less (yams have become 15.3% more expensive and tomatoes are more than 43% cheaper) - according to Kmera's analysis. Domestic vegetables are also cheaper (approx. 10.5%), but domestic fruit costs more than a year ago (approx. 30.9%). Radishes are half (50%) cheaper and 90 labors cheaper. - more expensive Irga potatoes; 75 percent the price of hazelnuts increased, and by 4%. we will pay less for conference pears. According to Kmera, last weekend the goods were supplied mainly by wholesalers from further parts of the country. Root vegetables, such as celery and parsley, were most popular, and their prices increased by several percent, Kmera ...
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