Bulgaria is already a sought-after exporter of fish, fish products and delicacies

Published Jun 23, 2024

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Bulgaria has emerged as a significant exporter of fish and fish products, including black caviar, thanks to the implementation of modern technologies under the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program (PMDR) for the 2014-2020 period. In 2023, the country's total export of these products amounted to 14,400 tons, with the majority going to Romania and Sweden. A fish enterprise in the Pazardzhik region, aided by the PMDR 2014-2020, has implemented 11 projects valued at over BGN 3 million, supported by the Local Initiative Fishing Group "Pazardzhik." The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, Assoc. Deyan Stratev, praised the enterprise's competitiveness and its contribution to job creation and the export of quality products. The farm raises African catfish and has achieved energy independence through the use of renewable resources.
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Over the years, Bulgaria has become a desirable and sought-after exporter of fish and fish products, as well as delicate black caviar products, it became clear during the visit of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Assoc. Deyan Stratev to the production bases of a fish enterprise on the territory of Pazardzhik region, reported from the Directorate "Public Relations and Protocol" in the Ministry of Health. Through the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program (PMDR) for the period 2014-2020, modern and efficient technologies have been introduced in the production of fish products in the country. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in 2023 the total export of fish and fish products from the country amounts to 14,400 tons. About 75% of the total exported amount is mainly directed to Romania and Sweden, followed by Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, etc. The visited enterprise is a beneficiary under the PMDR 2014-2020 and has approved and implemented 11 ...
Source: Sinor
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