Cattle exports increase

Published Jul 16, 2020

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He revealed that, in global numbers, the export of Sonoran cattle is higher than that registered last year. For example, he said, so far this year 288 thousand heads have been exported, against 280 thousand on the same date, but in 2019. Meanwhile, in the Municipality of Navojoa the trend is similar, with a greater export of cattle in compared to last year. "The outlook was discouraging due to the same health contingency, but it turned out that there was greater demand in marketing and exporting to the United States," he reiterated. Flores Argüelles said that, at the start of the pandemic, the numbers were not very flattering, however, as the weeks passed, the situation improved for the livestock industry. “I can tell you that the export has been very good. In addition, I can emphasize that when the coronavirus pandemic started, things were not very encouraging, however, the months of May and June ...
Source: Inforural
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